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is a unique community for startup founders that operates like an exclusive club where members contribute not with payments but by offering assistance to their peers.


In the bustling startup scene of New York, numerous networking events occur, yet dissatisfaction often arises due to the lack of purpose and direction, leaving attendees without meaningful connections.


Rocket Mixer,



Upcoming events

New York : June 3rd 4pm - 7pm
(co-hosted with NY Tech Week and Wework)

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Our aim is to break this pattern. We envision our community growing organically from within, with the events centered around the community itself. As organizers, our role is to craft the perfect environment for startups to connect,

emphasizing the community's protagonism over our visibility.


Our Story

two entrepreneurs running our own business in UX UI design and Marketing. As the organizers of the Rocket Mixer, a series of events for startup founders seeking meaningful connections, we aim to provide a purposeful networking experience.


After meeting at a networking event a few months ago, we realized there was something missing. Despite making numerous LinkedIn connections, we felt the need for more meaningful interactions. We believe a well-organized networking event should offer real value beyond a crowded room.


That's why we decided to create an event where attendees can contribute something tangible to the community and seek what they need in return. We hope you enjoy the event and look forward to seeing you there!

Hello! We're Ji and Andrea,


Our win-win philosophy underscores the mutual value

exchanged within the community.

Unlike traditional networking gatherings, our evening is designed for both

enjoyment and purpose. Experience delightful catering, a thrilling pitch

competition with $10K worth of valuable services at stake, an open mic

for sharing with the audience, and an opportunity for companies to

showcase services through dedicated desks.

About us

We wholeheartedly believe that
everyone can contribute, whether it's a job opening,
a free consultation, or a valuable connection.
Join us in building the most extensive
startup community in NYC.
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We are always on the lookout for compatible partners and sponsors eager for visibility, desiring to connect with fresh customers. In return, we provide access to a vibrant audience of startup founders in search of relevant services.


Our aim is to facilitate meaningful connections between service providers (sponsors) and those actively seeking their offerings.




Digital transforming partner UIUX design agency

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Pitch Competition Sponsors

Pitch Competition Sponsors


Food & Beverage

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222 Broadway
New York, NY, 10038, (22nd Floor)

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222 Broadway, New York, NY, 10038

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